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Our most popular grow lights

We present you the most innovative LED growlights from the best brands.

Brands we stock

We only work with the best grow lighting brands. These days there are a lot of producers of grow lighting but only a few pass our quality checks. We test every type of light for quality and durability and have selected the best grow lights from experienced producers and well known brands. 

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Our favourite grow light

Our favourite grow light is the LED Spectrabox produced by LFG. This type grow light is durable, efficient and safe to use in every circumstance. With IP67 waterproof resistance u can easily water your plants without even having to touch your favourite grow light.
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LED grow lighting has become more popular than ever in recent years. This has not gone unnoticed of course, suppliers are flooding the market u might say. Of course, every company advertises good service. Nevertheless, we would like to explain why buying a new LED grow light at gives you the upper hand when growing your plants and vegetables indoors.

Smart lighting

We only selected the newest lights from the best lighting brands to present u with innovative LED grow lights.

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Our customer support is top notch – our employees respond quickly to your questions to satisfy your needs.

Easy shopping

Filter, compare and select the best products to grow your plants. Easy shopping, returns and guarantee policy. 

All the information you need about grow lighting

We select only the best grow lights and provide u with the right information to make a good choice. Supplying the highest quality grow lights is our main focus. By providing u with the right information to grow with grow lights you can save energy costs and save on replacement of light bulbs.

Wich grow light to choose

As with normal lamps, there are many different types of grow lights. Choose the right type of grow light depending on your budget and the needs of your plant.

  • HID: The most affordable but least durable option. HID bulbs are cheap but don’t last very long, about a year or two at the most. HPS lights get pretty warm so u will need a good exhaust. 
  • LED: An LED grow light is a bit more expensive but u will save on the energy and replacement cost in the long run. LED’s keep getting better and are also the safest type of grow light.
How to buy grow lights
How to buy grow lighting
How to buy grow lighting

When it comes to buying grow lights there are a few important questions to ask yourself. Take these steps to make sure you buy the right grow light for your budget.

  • How many plants under one light?
  • How big is the growing space?
  • Is there enough ventilation?
  • How much power can you use?
  • For growth and/or blooming?

Tips & tricks from our growers

With the advice from our experts, you will discover the best grow lights and how to use them!

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