Hortilight RJ controller
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Hortilight RJ controller


NEW! 4Twenty comes with a TOP quality LED grow light with high quality features and modular connectivity!

With an introductory price of € 199.50 it leaves the competition far behind, a real winner!

Properties 420 LED System:
✔ 100% silent
✔ IP65 waterproof
✔ 5 years warranty
✔ Dimmable from 10 – 100%
✔ Modular Connecting System [MCS].
✔Samsung LEDs 2.9 µmol/W | 150 Watt power consumption

Delivery to all EU countries 

  • 1 year guarantee on LED
  • International lighting brands
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One RJ Controller can control up to 100 lamps. By using a Gateway, the RJ Controller can in turn be operated with an App for Android 4.0 and higher, and with IOS for models from the iPhone 4S upwards. 

With the RJ Controller the light intensity can be set per time unit to simulate sunset and sunrise. Two channels are available for this, which can be pre-programmed separately from each other. This offers the possibility to control a growing and a flowering room with one controller.

In addition, the power consumption is indicated and the temperature of the ballasts can be monitored and adjusted if necessary. 

Application ScrogMaster Pro series

Up to 100 ScrogMaster Pro amps can be controlled with one RJ Controller. The ScrogMaster Pro lights are interconnected with an RJ14 cord. The RJ14 extension cords are standard supplied with a ScrogMaster Pro.