LED strip 8W
LED strip 14W – Grow

LED strip 14W – Grow


The 14 Watt LED Strip Grow from Hortilight is an economical light source for illuminating herbs, sprouts and seedlings.

With its slim design, this 75cm long LED Strip is easy to mount in a grow cabinet, seedling cabinet or sprouter.

The LED Strips have to be connected to a LED Driver (optional) and can be looped through to the maximum power of the LED Driver.

A 45W LED Driver can drive up to three 14W LED Strips Grow, an 80W LED Driver six (2 x 3).

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The 14 Watt LED Strip Grow from Hortilight is an economical and compact light source for lighting herbs, sprouts and seedlings. In addition, the LED Strip hardly gets warm, so that it can be placed very close to the crop. The LED Strips are waterproof, so they can also be used when growing in layers or when watering plants.

LED Strip & LED Driver

The Hortilight LED Strips are supplied without a transformer; the LED Driver. The LED Strips have a short cord with a connector at both ends. With this connector, the LED Strip can be connected to the LED Driver or to another LED Strip.

By using a Daisy Chain, multiple LED Strips can be connected to one LED Driver. Please note that the total Wattage of the looped LED Strips together should not exceed the capacity of the LED Driver.

Suspension system

The LED Strip can be suspended using the included fasteners, consisting of two brackets and four screws.


Unique Product Code (UPC) 1039
Product type LED Growlights
Price (excl. VAT) € 33,02
Price (incl. VAT) € 39,95
VAT high (21%) € 6,93
Availability In stock
Power 23.0
Model HL14LSG
Cooling Passive
Application Growth
Timer No
Power consumption 14W
Illuminable area 0,15 > 0,40m2
Brand Hortilight
Service life Longer than 3 years
LED diode 0.5W – 120° beam angle
Height above crop 0.05 > 0.30 cm
Weight 0.40 Kg
Warranty 2 years*.
Condition NEW
Particulars Passively cooled, Waterproof
App control No
Remote Control No
Dimensions 750*16*9mm
Number of LEDS 45 pcs