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HPS Reflector 400W


HPS Reflector lamps are provided with a reflective silver coating on the inside of the glass. This means that the reflection does NOT decrease during the life span of the lamp, thus guaranteeing a maximum light “output”.

By using the internal reflector a light reflection of 96% is realised! Standard HPS lamps that are fitted with an aluminium reflector cap have a light reflection of around 74%.

A 400W HPS Reflector lamp has a 30% higher light reflectance than standard 400W HPS lamps and this will only increase during its life span as the internal reflector does NOT decrease in light reflection and a standard aluminium reflector cap does.

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The Agro Ecolum HPS Reflector lamps are partly coated on the inside of the glass with a reflective silver coating, which achieves a light reflection of 96%. Because the silver coating is applied to the inside of the glass, it cannot corrode (due to the vacuum in the glass). As a result, the reflection does NOT decrease during the life of the lamp, so that a maximum light “output” is guaranteed. 

An external reflector is not required; therefore the Agro Ecolum Reflector lamps have a minimal shadow effect of the sunlight on the plants! 

To ensure that the reflected light is always directed at the plants, the Ecolum reflector lamps are equipped with a patented rotatable fitting. This allows the lamp to be rotated after it has been fitted in a standard E40 socket to adjust the direction of the light.


Unique Product Code (UPC) 1140
Product type HPS grow lights
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Price (incl. VAT) € 37,90
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Availability In stock
Ballast not included
Power consumption 230V
Power 400.0
Illumination ~ 2000K
Model 420LSF-12
Application Growth & Flowering, Flowering
Reflector Internal reflector
Illuminable area 0.80 m2
Brand Agro Ecolum
Service life Longer than 1 year
Height above crop > 40 cm
Warranty 1 year*
Fitting E40
EAN 7436957543551
Condition NEW
Dimensions Ø 11 * 27 cm