Samsung Quantum 240 LED
Samsung Quantum 240 – LED

Samsung Quantum 240 – LED


The Quantum 240 is a powerful LED grow light equipped with high-quality components. The Quantum 240 is completely silent, has a dimmer function and is Plug & Play, so just plug it in and it is ready for use.

Features Quantum 240:
✔ 100% silent
✔ 2,5 µmol/J
✔ Dimmable 0-100%
✔ 240 Watt power consumption
✔ Equivalent of 480W HPS!

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This powerful LED grow light is besides the high quality LEDs also equipped with a high quality MeanWell LED Driver. The Quantum 240 can also be dimmed and is equipped with the daisy chain.

Samsung LEDs

The Quantum 240 is primarily equipped with the high efficiency LEDs from Samsung, namely the LM301B. These LEDs produce a lot of light per Watt of current consumed and are also very durable. Deep red OSRAM LEDs guarantee extra luminous power for flowering plants. In addition, the spectrum has been supplemented by a little UV light. UV light also prevents the formation of mould and pests in a grow room.

Specification LEDs

Samsung LM301B 3000K x 360 pcs

Samsung LM301B 6500K x 180 pcs

OSRAM 660nm x 12 pcs

OSRAM 730nm x 4 pcs

SEOUL 385nm x 4 pcs


The Quantum 240 is equipped with a simple Dim Controller with which the light intensity can be adjusted to the needs of plants in each phase of the exposure cycle. Multiple Quantum 240 Boards can also be linked together by means of a daisy chain, so that all the lamps can be operated with one dimmer button.

100% silent

In contrast to standard LED grow lights, the Quantum 240 is completely silent. The LEDs are passively cooled by the aluminium frame and therefore do not need to be actively cooled by fans. In addition, fans consume power, making the Quantum 240 even more economical in use.

An additional advantage is that the Quantum 240 does not need any maintenance because of the absence of fans! Fans attract dust and need to be checked and cleaned regularly. Also, rotating parts such as fans do not last as long as LEDs and will therefore need to be replaced at some point.


The Quantum 240 has a 2-year warranty.