Scrogmaster 1200
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Scrogmaster 1200



The new ScrogMaster Pro 1200 has a 1200mm span and therefore an optimal light distribution for a 150x150cm area.

With an efficiency of 2.8 µmol/J, the very powerful ScrogMaster 1200 belongs to the most efficient LED grow lights!

Features ScrogMaster 1200:
✔ 100% silent
✔ IP65 waterproof
✔ Dimensions: 1200x1100mm
✔ For 150x150cm growing space
✔ 2,8 µmol/J | 650 Watt power consumption

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The extremely powerful ScrogMaster 1200 is equipped with top quality Samsung LEDs with a very high efficiency of 2.8 μmol/J.

By using the Samsung LM301B LEDs, the ScrogMaster 1200 has a wide beam and powerful light penetration to the lowest buds. This makes the ScrogMaster 1200 one of the most powerful LED grow lights!

With the ScrogMaster you can light up to just above the crop, the ideal distance is 15cm. The light is optimally and evenly distributed, creating the so-called Screen of Green (Scrog).

Being able to light just above the crop evenly makes the ScrogMaster the most powerful and efficient way of LED plant lighting! How does this happen?

The smaller the distance between the LEDs and the crop, the more powerful the light is. The light intensity in LED lighting decreases quadratically with distance. This means that if the distance is reduced from 30cm to 15cm, plants get four times as much light!

A big advantage of the ScrogMaster is that it only gives off limited heat and distributes it evenly over the entire surface. 


In contrast to standard LED grow lights a ScrogMaster requires no maintenance. The LEDs are cooled passively by the aluminum frame and therefore do not need to be actively cooled by fans. Fans attract dust and should be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary. In addition, rotating parts, such as fans, do not last as long as LEDs and will therefore need to be replaced at some point.

An additional advantage is that the ScrogMaster is completely silent because of the absence of fans!

Control Panel

The ScrogMaster 1200 comes standard with a dimmer button, with which the light intensity can be infinitely adjusted.

There are also two optional control panels that allow you to set the lighting duration and intensity, including the Control Panel and the Bluetooth Controller to control multiple lights with a mobile phone.

Professional application

For large-scale professional applications the ScrogMaster Pro can optionally be equipped with an RJ Controller with or without Gateway.