Scrogmaster 800
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Scrogmaster 800


NEW! The ScrogMaster 800 has a span of 800mm and is therefore the ideal partner for a grow surface up to 120x120cm.

This new ScrogMaster is equipped with quality components you wouldn’t expect in this price range, such as Samsung and OSRAM LEDs and an Inventronics LED Driver. With a PAR efficiency of 2,67 µmol/W and a green thumb it guarantees a TOP yield!

Features ScrogMaster 800
✔ Dimmable from 0 – 100%
✔ Samsung & OSRAM LEDs
✔ Daisy chain interconnection
✔ 2,67 µmol/W | 330 Watt power consumption

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The ScrogMaster 800 is equipped with high quality Samsung and OSRAM LEDs, with which an efficiency of 2,67 μmol/J is achieved. This makes the ScrogMaster 800 one of the most efficient grow lights in its class!

Large illumination surface

The ScrogMaster 800 is IP65 waterproof and has a large illumination surface with its size of 80 x 70 cm.

Scrog | SCReen Of Green

With a ScrogMaster it is possible to light up just above the crop, the ideal distance is 15cm. The light is optimally and evenly distributed, creating the so-called Screen of Green (Scrog).

Lighting with a ScrogMaster just above the crop is the most efficient way to light plants! Why is this?

The smaller the distance between the LEDs and the crop, the more powerful the light is. With LED lighting, the light intensity decreases quadratically with distance. This means that if the distance is reduced from 30cm to 15cm, plants get four times as much light!

Another big advantage of the ScrogMaster is that it only gives off limited heat and distributes it evenly over the entire surface. The ScrogMaster is also completely silent, in contrast to other LED grow lights. The LEDs are in fact passively cooled by the aluminium frame of the LED Bars and therefore do not need to be actively cooled by fans.

Indoor & Top grow light

The LED Driver panel can be hung outside the growing space. When used in low light cultivation, this will not add extra heat. Of course, the LED Driver can also be mounted on the ScrogMaster. Four mounting points are included in the frame for this purpose. The mounting of the LED Driver is therefore very easy.

DIM & Daisy chain

The ScrogMaster 800 is equipped with an Inventronics LED Driver with dimmer. This allows the light quantity to be dimmed continuously as desired. All ScrogMaster 800 lamps in a grow room can also be interconnected via a Daisy Chain, allowing one dimmer button (or the optional HortiLight Controller) to control all the lamps.

HortiLight RJ45 Controller (optional)

✔ Equipped with remote control

✔ Dimming from 0 – 100%

✔ Set illumination schedule(s)

✔ Temperature measurement 

The ScrogMaster 800 lamps can be interconnected by means of a Daisy Chain, so that one controller can operate all ScrogMaster SMB800 lamps in one grow room. The Controller is also equipped with a remote control so that operation can be carried out centrally.