Spectrabox UFO 200W

Spectrabox UFO 200W


The new Spectrabox UFO 200 is a very powerful LED grow light, with an LED efficiency of no less than 2.8 µmol/W! In addition, the Spectrabox UFO is completely waterproof, 100% silent and comes with a 3-year full warranty.
Top quality at an affordable price!

Spectrabox UFO 200 features:
✔100% silent
✔IP66 waterproof
✔0-100% dimmable (Dimmer not included)
✔ LED efficiency 2,8 µmol/W | 200 Watt power consumption

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The Spectrabox UFO from Led Flower Growlights (LFG) is an energy-efficient, sustainable and fire-safe lighting system for indoor cultivation.

High efficiency LEDs

The Spectrabox UFO is fitted with high-efficiency LEDs with a weighted efficiency of 2.8 μmol/J. By using renowned Sosen LED drivers and a high-quality lens, a system efficiency of no less than 2.4 μmol/J is achieved! This makes the Spectrabox UFO one of the most powerful in its class.

Optical lenses

The Spectrabox UFO series is equipped with 120° lenses (90° optional) to achieve both a wide beam and a powerful deep beam. This ensures optimal illumination of the lower buds, even with longer crops! In addition, the full spectrum of the plant is already active at a distance of 100 mm, which means that lighting up to just above the crop is possible, ideal for lighting in greenhouses.

With many LED grow lights, the distance between the lamp and the crop must be at least 25 cm before all light colours of the individual LEDs are mixed and a full light spectrum is achieved.

The great advantage of being able to light just above the crop is the enormous increase in light output. The light intensity increases quadratically with distance, so when the distance is reduced from 30 cm to 15 cm, plants receive four times as much light!

Note: the more powerful the light, the more CO2 plants need!

0 – 100% Dimmable

The Spectrabox UFO is equipped with a 0-100% dimming control. A simple LED dimmer is offered as an option. The Spectrabox UFO can also be controlled with PWM / 0-10V LED Controllers.

With a dimmer, the light intensity can be adjusted to the needs of plants in each phase of the lighting cycle. During growth, plants need less light, so a dimmer can save power.

Without dimmer (at full power) the Spectrabox UFO has a 40-50% larger ‘footprint’ during the growth period than during the flowering period.

100% silent

In contrast to standard LED grow lights, the Spectrabox UFO is completely silent. The LEDs are cooled passively by the aluminium frame and therefore do not need to be actively cooled by fans. Fans also consume power, making the Spectrabox UFO even more economical in use.

An additional advantage is that the Spectrabox UFO does not require any maintenance due to the absence of fans! Fans attract dust and should be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary. In addition, rotating parts, such as fans, do not last as long as LEDs and will therefore need to be replaced at some point.

Waterproof housing

The Spectrabox UFO is completely waterproof with a high waterproof value of IP66. The Spectrabox UFO’s sturdy aluminium housing makes it very solid and robust! And, of course, the Spectrabox UFO is finished in the yellow colour of which it has been known for years.


The use of high-quality components and the robust waterproof housing guarantee a very long life, even under the often harsh growing conditions. This is why the Spectrabox UFO 200 comes with a 3-year full warranty.

Emerson effect

The light spectrum of the Spectrabox UFO has an Emerson Enhancement Red/Red ratio. The effect is that the degree of photosynthesis is not just the sum of the 660nm + 730nm photosynthesis reactions. However, the combination of the two reactions generates a biological energy response that is greater than the sum of the two reactions separately (see graph). The balanced light spectrum allows plants to develop naturally, which contributes to optimising yields, both qualitatively and quantitatively!